Matt, better known to his friends as Mammo, was an 18 year old junior whose dream was to become a firefighter so that he could help others as people had helped him. Matt was born profoundly deaf yet he never allowed this to keep him from striving to be the best and to never quit. Through his strength and commitment, he accomplished many things both inside and outside the classroom. Matt received many awards for his academic achievements along with demonstrating success playing baseball, basketball, co-ed volleyball, football and being a member of his high school’s power lifting team. He also dedicated time to charitable activities, such as volunteering at Shepherd’s Table, coaching young athletes at summer camps, and packaging and delivering food to those in need, just to name a few.

Mammo taught us the true meaning of the word STRONG!

In 2012, when Matt was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, his resolve to fight and never give up remained strong, “Mammo Strong.” Unfortunately, within five months, Matt lost his courageous battle with this very aggressive cancer.

A friend of Matt’s wrote the following: “Mammo taught us the true meaning of the word STRONG! It’s not the power you have on a football field or the amount of weights you can lift. It’s your inner strength and belief in yourself that makes you who you are, and what you do with that strength in life, people will remember for a lifetime. MAMMO STRONG FOREVER!”